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Bandai Hobby Mobile Suit Gundam Model Kit

From the TV series "Gundam Seed", the Justice Gundam has finally been made into a Master Grade kit! Justice Gundam's multipurpose sublifter with movable beam cannons and machine cannons, the Fatum-00, can be configured into different flight positions on back and also as a flying mount for it to stand on. Pair with MG Freedom 2.0 and MG Providence to complete ZAFT's Gundam Seed lineup! Includes two beam boomerangs that be stored in shoulders, two beam saber, beam rifle, and Laminate anti beam shield. 

Product Features

  • Approximately 7 inches (17.78cm)
  • Plastic model kit
  • From the TV series "Gundam Seed"
  • Includes two beam boomerangs, two beam saber, beam rifle, and Laminate anti beam shield
  • Fully posable figure once assembled

Box Contents

Parts to assemble the Justice Gundam including:

  • 16 Runner
  • Sticker sheet
  • Marking sticker sheet
  • Dry decal
  • Instruction manual

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Josephine Jack

My first piece and got me addicted! Will be back soon!

Justice reigns from above!

The Justice is one of a handful of Gundam Seed kits that share the Freedom 2.0 frame, and it does not disappoint in meeting the reputation of it’s highly lauded predecessor. However, due to its reputation, I was warned to be careful with the hip joints, but I had no issues with mine. Caution is recommended with any kit though!

This is a wonderful kit to pair with any Freedom 2.0 or Providence, both of which came out around the same time. It was an absolute joy to build. Not overly complex, but still feels like MG in stability and articulation. There are LOTS of panel lining opportunities, and it benefits from that defined look if you decide to put in the time. Get some brown and black liner in there if you can!

The backpack is HUGE if you decide to have the wings fully extended. I had to find a large open shelf to display in its full glory. Also, tons of little details on the pack as well! The kit comes with sticker details and dry transfers for the suit and pack too, but I’ll probably apply those at a later date. It looks quite nice as is with just some panel-lining.

Oh, and did I mention it’s a pink/magenta colored Gundam? The color itself makes it stand out in any collection; not too many of those out here! Super cool kit overall :)

David Nguyen

Amazing kit


Such a fun build, it’s only my second MG but I already know it’s going to be one of my favorites. Gunnzo is easily the best hobby shop I’ve ever ordered from hands down, much love to all the lovely people at Gunnzo!

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