What is MAD APE NINJA Vinyl Paint

MAD APE NINJA Vinyl Paint is a paint brand for vinyl figures produced by GUNNZO.
The paint is specialized in "Sofubi" vinyl figures. It has 46 wide range of bright, vivid colors and they are available for both brush and airbrush. The product also features fast drying, great coverage, coating, and can be safely used on toys. MAD APE NINJA Vinyl Paint can help you to wide your creativity.
"MAD APE NINJA" is anagram of "MADE IN JAPAN". All the products are made in Japan.


The paint has 46 variety of colors and a retarder. The colors are categorized Opaque / Clear / Metallic. You can check the colors here: Color Chart

The paint needs vinyl paint thinner, not normal thinner. We sell CS Coating Vinyl Paint Thinner that is the perfect for the paint. If you need more tips, click here: How to Use the paint

Please read instruction and warning before using the paint: Handling Instructions and Warnings