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Bandai Hobby Mobile Suit Gundam Model Kit

Army Build your fleet of Earth Alliance mobile suits! Never released as a model kit, the Windam arrives with an updated design and adopts the FINE BUILD joint structure construciton system for ease of assembly. Windam's Jet Striker backpack is articulated and can be docked on other Striker Pack system units as well as equiping other Striker Packs itself! Includes beam rifle, beam sabers, shield, and missiles for Jet Striker.

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Store Sample Sasaki
The Second Best Seed Grunt Kit

Seed has had a resurgence with kits being remolded in the HGUC line, of incredible quality, and the windam is close to hitting every mark! With a near-perfect OOB build, it falls short with the color separation and needs some questionable stickers for a 2020 release. Luckily, all the decals are on accessories, aside from camera stickers, which is pretty standard. The articulation is good, and the kit feels sturdy, with c clips fro knees and elbows they may loosen over time. The colors are great, and the amount of separation on the unit itself is solid! Its no HG Dagger L, but nothing ever will be!

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