Gunpla LED Unit GREEN Set for MG 2 pack




  • Made of plastic
  • Can be used with LED unit compatible Bandai plastic model kits
  • Requires 2 LR41 batteries (not included)

This set of 2 green LED light units can be used with LED unit compatible Bandai plastic model kits. This set of 2 green LEDs that can be used on a number of Gundam products including MG Sazabi Ver Ka, MG Gundam Exia, MG Marasai and more!

Compatible Products:

  • MG Nu Gundam Ver. KA
  • MG Hi-Nu Gundam Ver. KA
  • MG Gundam RX-78-2 Origin
  • MG Gundam RX-78-2 Ver. 3.0
  • MG Guntank
  • MG Marasai
  • MG Marasai UG Color
  • MG Gundam Exia
  • MG 00 Raiser
  • MG Transam Raiser
  • MG Qan[T] 
  • MG 00 Seven Sword
  • MG Jinks
  • MG Jesta & Jest Cannon

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