To all our contestants and supporters, we are tanksful and overjoyed for your participation! GUNNZO's second plastic model custom contest "NEVER ENDING NOBELL" is completed!  Despite the fact that this contest has a rule to customize only Nobell Gundam, all the entries were of a high level.

We hope you all enjoy their creative works !



🥇1st [ Heiress to the Winter Court ]

Modeler: Caleb LuntA true Nobel of Noble Lineage. This heiress possess the regalia and pride to smite its foes with a heavenly spear and a helping of frost magic! The theme of ice is very pronounced and the colors do an amazing part of complementing each other. A crowning acheivement to a glorious entry.



🥈2nd [ Nobel-pop Chainsaw ]

Modeler: Matthew DeAngelo

If Zombies and Horror are your thing, then look no further. This custom, reminiscent of a chainsaw-wielding cheerleader, packs all the strength and cheerfulness to defeat any mostrosity. The blood effects leave a very dangerous impact. Undead things stay dead when she begins her attack!



🥉3RD [ Brightflame Nobel ]

Modeler: Randy Lazaro

This military-scheme Nobel variant has the arsenal to send the enemies back from where they came. A very clean-and-crisp build that helps emphasize all the small details the Nobel Gundam has to offer and a new color pallette that brings out new feel to the kit.