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Ferals mini series 3"
Amanda Visell


The Ferals Mini Series by Amanda Visell is precious, adorable, cute and the perfect addition to your Kidrobot collection. In this collection, Amanda created a cast of characters using a variety Kidrobot's platforms including MUNNY, TRIKKY, RAFFY & DUNNY.

Collect them all:

Snow Eating Macaque 3/60
Giraffagon 6/60
Jack Roarke ?/??
Dragon Scout Master 6/60
Fox in the Hen House 6/60
Hairless Tomcat ?/??
Buck Wethers 6/60
Lucky Burro 4/60
Evil Buck Wethers 3/60
Bah Boon 6/60
Jack Rabbit Frost 4/60
Scaredy Cat 3/60
Krampus 3/60
Proboscis Monkey 2/60

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