Gundam Fusion Works Converge #Plus 02 Shokugan



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  • One box includes one figure. Choose one from the lineup:
    • Hi-Nu Gundam (H.W.S. Equipped)
    • S Gundam (Booster Unit Equipped)
    • Grottrlatan
    • The O
    • Expansion parts set
  • Approximately 2.16 inches (5.5cm)
  • Made of PVC and MABS
  • Part of the FW Gundam Converge line

The FW Gundam Converge series grows with the #Plus series!

These larger and heavily-armed mobile suits make their debut as #Plus figures, including Hi-Nu Gundam (H.W.S. Equipped), S Gundam (Booster Unit Equipped), The O, Gottrlatan and a set of expansion parts for each figure.

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