Double-Sided Tape 6mm for Stainless-Steel FF Bord GH-DST-6




  • Double-sided tape specially for Stainless-Steel FF Board 6mm.
  • Both side is strong adhesiveness, so it can stick sanding paper firmly on even small board.
  • Great complement to FLEX CLOTH Emery Cloth Set because it can stick emery cloth which is easy to be detached with normal double-sided tape.
  • It can stick emery cloth firmly!


Check whole range of GodHand’s FF Boards and Double-Sided Tapes and make your own file!

[FF Board]
●Stainless-Steel FF Board 6mm (Set of 4)/ GH-FFM-6/4562349873470
●Stainless-Steel FF Bord 10mm (Set of 4)/ GH-FFM-10/4562349873487
・Stainless is more durable and harder to be scratched!
・Comfortable weight to use and file is not wobbling.

●Acrylic FF board set of 5/GH-FFA-15/4562349873593
・Good size for holding and easy to handle.
・Five different colors set, easy to recognize file's grade.

[Double-Sided Tape]
●Double-Sided Tape for Stainless-Steel FF Board Width: 6mm/GH-DST-6/4562349873494
・Strong adhesiveness on both side stick emery cloth and FF board strongly even 6mm width!
・Length is 30m and can use as much as you want.

●Double-Sided Tape For Stainless-Steel FF Bord Width: 10mm/GH-DST-10/4562349873500
●Double-Sided Tape for Acrylic FF Board/GH-DST-15/4562349873609
・Adhesive strength is differ between the front and back side of the tape.
・By sticking weaker side to the Stainless-Steel FF Board and stronger side to a file, when you peel off the file, the tape will not remain on the FF board side!

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