Craft Grip Series Tapered Lead Pliers 130mm GH-CSP-130



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  • Easy to grip firmly by covering grips with thenar.
  • Can grip stably because of the shape of grips fit to hands.
  • Box joint structure which prevents rattling.
  • Tapered tip let you hold, bend, and squash small parts.
  • For bending a small photo etching parts, squashing a crimp beads inside bead tips.


★Craft Grip Series
Easy to grip, Hard to be rattled! This is Craft Grip Series!

1. Easily grips over
Fits right into the ball of thumb.
Stays firm in hand, shaped to fit comfortably.

2. Box joint structure prevents rattling.
It restrains twist force to prevent rattling

3. Durable leaf spring.
We use a durable leaf spring.
It also works as a stopper to prevent the grips from opening too much.

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