Evangelion - RG Unit-03 Neon Genesis Evangelion The Enchanted Shield Of Virtue Set 1/144




The RG Evangelion features intricate linked parts construction to represent the relaxation and contraction of muscle fibers resulting in a very close emulation of human-joints. The movement of the spine and shoulder blades are linked to the armor parts and follow the movement of the arms and chest, shifting as needed to prevent parts from obstructing each other. From this, realistic humanoid crouching and weapon holding poses are possible. Its characteristic, the ultra-long-distance is included along with Pallet Rifle, 2 Progressive Knives, Umbilical Cable, and 6 types of hands in different expressions.

  • Pieces to build
    • EVA Unit-03
    • 7 Pairs of interchangeable hands
    • Evangelion dedicated optical system protective cover
    • Evangelion Dedicated Independent Defensive Weapon Enchanted Shield of Virtue
    • 2 Progressive Knifes
      • Normal time
      • Stored time
    • Palette rifle
    • Umbilical cable
  • Decal

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