Did you lose or break Gunpla parts or runner? Don't worry! We take order for it. If you are interested in, please contact us! 

How to order

  1. Prepare the manual that comes with your Gunpla model kit box
  2. From your Gunpla manual, find the page that looks similar to the image below.  
  3. On the page, find "Parts Order Card" that  looks similar to the image below. 
  4. Write the parts number and quantity that you want to order on the space of "Parts Order Card" ex. (A)1, (D)3, (E)6 
  5. Email "Parts Order Card" and your information to info@madapeninja.com

- Subject: Gunpla Parts Order

- Your infomation: Full name / email address / phone number / shipping address 

 Cost and Delivery time

The price of Gunpla parts are depends on parts and shipping fee. It will change often. We will let you know after confirming the order.

Replacement parts are imported from Japan. It will take a couple weeks to a month to arrive.

Parts might be out of stock

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