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Godzilla Mini Figures


  • Height: 3"

  • Edition: Limited

  • Type: Blind Box

  • Brand: Kidrobot

  • Case Quantity: 24 Blind Boxes

  • *To buy an entire sealed case add 24 blind boxes to your cart.
Emerging straight from the darkest places on earth, the Kidrobot x Godzilla Vinyl Mini Series is a scary good time packed with nostalgia and GODZILLA! Following the release of the 2019 Godzilla movie, this high quality vinyl series from Kidrobot features versions of Godzilla throughout the years with versions from the 1954 Japanese kaiju film, the 1985 kaiju film and more plus Mothra, Rodan and King Ghidorah, these sharp toothed extraterrestrials are coming to your collection today. Each Godzilla collectible figure comes blind boxed for surprise with each unboxing and to preserve the collectibility of each figure. With 13 collectible Godzilla figures to chase down, let the hunt for the King of the Monsters begin!

Godzilla 1954 Mini Figure - 2/24
Godzilla 1985 Mini Figure - 2/24
Burning Godzilla Mini Figure - 3/24
?? (Blacked Out Mystery Chase Godzilla Figure) - ??/??
Godzilla 1995 Mini Figure - 3/24
Mechagodzilla Mini Figure - 2/24
King Ghidorah Mini Figure - 2/24
Mothra Larva Mini Figure - 3/24
?? (Blacked Out Mystery Chase Godzilla Figure) - ??/??
Rodan Mini Figure - 1/24
Shin Godzilla Mini Figure - 2/24
Mothra Mini Figure - 1/24

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