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Sweets Kendama Max Norcross - Pro Mod - Cushion Clear

$54.99  $38.49 - 30% off

:Max Norcross - Pro Mod: Max Norcross is an integral part of the Sweets Kendamas team. This is the 3rd Pro Mod Max has had and this one takes some inspiration from both of his previous Mods.

:Max Norcross - Pro Mod:

Maple Max Norcross Ken

- BOOST Shape
- Balance Bevel
- Custom prints on ken

BOOST Beech Tama

- Cushion Clear
- Black metallic base
- 3 rings around bevel representing previous Norx Mods
- Floral pattern wide center stripe
- Kanji around string hole

Metal Spinner Bead
SixFinger String
Norx sticker pack

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