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One Drop Yo-Yos VTWO - Swamp Ooze

$119.00  $101.15 - 15% off

The Valor was designed to excel in competition yo-yoing and it hit the mark based on the feedback we received. For the VTWO in terms of performance, quality and making sure that the design was distinct and iconic.

Using the advantages of 7075 aluminum we were able to make the body ultra thin and maximize the rim weight for more power, more performance. The wide open catch zone is great for maximum control and easy maneuverability. The surface is bead blasted to elevate the design and performance.

VTWO has two grooves in the catch zone to complete the design and give a nod to the Valor's "Triple Grooves" feature.


Diameter | 56.77 mm / 2.24 inches

Width | 43.44 mm / 1.71 inches

Gap Width | 4.66 mm / 0.18 inches

Weight | 66.1 grams

Bearing Size | Size C (.250 x .500 x .187)

Response | Standard Flow Groove Pads

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