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YoYoFactory Ex-Machina Blue

$99.99  $74.99 - 25% off

the Ex-Machina! With strong influence from the Cyborg 2.0 and many other prominent Turning Point models, Ex-Machina is a little bit more angular and is made of strong 7075 aluminum coupled with stainless steel weight rings. The name? Well, Cyborg was a fusion between man and machine. With this design, man has been replaced with more machine. ‘Deus ex machina’ refers to the Latin phrase ‘god from the machinery.’ Here is the machine. The play? God like.


Material | Bi-Metal - 7075 & Stainless Steel

Weight | 64.8 g

Diameter | 57.05 mm

Width | 42.75 mm

Gap | 4.6 mm

Bearing | Size C - CBC Center Trac

Response | CBC 19mm Slim Pads

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