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One Drop Yo-Yos Top Deck Red


7075 aluminum alloy is much more expensive than 6061. Because of this Onedrop's previous 7075 models (Valor and Format:C) retailed for $120. Using techniques they pioneered to achieve incredible value on models like the Benchmarks, the Vanguard and the Gauntlet, they were able to find a way to have the Top Deck retail for $79 without sacrificing quality.


Weight |66 grams

Width |43 mm

Diameter |56.5 mm

Stock Response |19mm Slim Flow Groove

Gap Width | 4.45 mm

Bearing Size | Large (C) stainless steel (One Drop 10 Ball Bearing)

Aluminum |7075

Axle System | Tapped

First Released in April 2016

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