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Active Kendama
Edvin Humble V3 Pro Model - Tacky


Active ZND is our newest V3 shape, it features larger and deeper cups with wider serado, a complete redesigned over our already deep cups V2 shape. The ZND shape kens are paired with our 22mm bevel hole tamas, and strung on 54cm length (4 fingers) nylon strings with bearing beads.

Through the countless effort from the designing to the testing phase by our team, and the feedback by players like you, we feel that the V3 shape can help kendama players maximized playability for any tricks, whether you're a pro or a beginner. Let's get in the zone! The Active ZND!

Edvin Humble Pro Model:

Features 4 colors split tama designed by Edvin himself, with initial 'e' engraved on the big cup, and "Edvin Humble" full name on front of serado.

New Active ZND ken shape
Maple Ken and Tama
22mm wide bevel tama with 4 color splits of tacky or rubber paint
54cm red nylon string with bearing bead for string control

Includes extra string, extra bearing bead, string tool, and sticker.

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