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Dooodolls Plush Doll
Reddish Twin
12 inch

$19.99  $16.99 - 15% off

About me: I’mtheexactoppositeofmytwinbrotherSunnyTwinbecauseI’malwayshyperactiveandenergetic.

Ability: Earning the title as Fastest Talker in Dooodolls Planet, Reddish Twin can speak an average of 1,000 words per minute. Half the time, no one understands what he is saying except for Sunny Twin who can read his mind.

Charm: Reddish Twin gives you the gift of gab, letting you talk your way out of any trouble you might get yourself into.
Available in 2 sizes.
Each plush Dooodolls comes with a mini booklet which doubles as a checklist for collection.
Made from Super Softlon materials and filled with all-new polyester fibers & plastic pellets.
Recommended for children ages 3 years and up.

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