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JP Release Date: September 2023
Estimate US Shipping Date: November - December 2023

*Estimate Shipping Date might be changed
* US release date is usually 2-3 months later than JP release date

Bandai Hobby Mobile Suit Gundam Model Kit

The transformable MS Gundam Epyon will be available in the RG series as a newly designed kit! The new articulation gimmicks optimized for swinging the Beam Sword powerfully and naturally.   
■Movable axes have been added throughout the body to achieve both dynamic movements and delicate poses. It also adopts design arrangements unique to this RG rendition that were inspired by wyverns.

■The Heat Rod, one of the most iconic features of the Gundam Epyon, adopts an Advanced MS Joint that enables sharp sword-like forms and flexible spiral movements.  
■A locking mechanism has been adopted for the swinging hip joint. It is both deformable and movable, and can swing robustly and widely.                                         
■The dual axis and single axis in the  torso allow for a wide range of forward/backward movement and
left/right bending motion
■The shoulder armor can be deployed and arms can be raised while maintaining shoulder position. Both hands can be used to raise the Beam Sword to create dynamic poses.
■The movable axis and rolling movements in the forearms added to the upper wrist allow for expressive poses.
■The small wings expand in conjunctionbwith the movement of the large wings.
■Intricate expressions can be created with the neck, horns, and toes during MA mode.
■Movable axes on the thighs allow for the flexible neck movement like the wyvern
■The Heat Rod can be set in spiraling poses thanks to Advanced MS Joints enableflexiblemovements.
■The tip can be removed to recreate its stored state.

■Beam Sword ×1 
■Beam Sword holder ×1
■Shield ×1 
■Heat Rod ×1 
■Hand parts ×1 set
■Display Joints ×2 types (For MS/MA Mode)
■Wire ×1 
■Realistic Decals ×1

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