30MM #39 EXM-E7a SPINATIA (Assassin Type)



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  •  Made of plastic 
  • Part of the 30 Minutes Missions series 
  • Customizable model kit 
  • Mix and match between all 30MM and 30MS model kits and weapons 

Introducing Spinatia (Assassin Type), one of the first female body types in Bandai's 30 Minute Missions lineup! This all-in-one kit includes parts to build Spinatia herself and her armor. The new model kit is easier to assemble than before, with the model being fully poseable after assembly. She's equipped with 3mm joints, standard to the 30MM and 30 Minutes Sisters lineups, so she can use accessories from those lineups as well.

Spinatia (Assassin Type) is the first female style body in 30MM (30 Minutes Missions).  Comes with accessories:

  • EXM-E7F Spinatia (Fencer Type)
  • 2 Handguns
  • 2 Kunai
  • 2 Shield binders
  • 2 Sets interchangeable hands
    • Weapon-holding hand
    • Flat hand 
  • Facial expression weapon holder
  • Assassin armor
  • Joint parts


 JP Release Date: August 7th, 2021

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