Kendama Skill Rankings Tomorrow, Saturday Sept. 3rd 1-3PM

JKA Dan Rankings conducted by Ryan Caro at GUNNZO SD


When: Tomorrow, Saturday, September 3rd, from 1 – 3 PM (every first Saturday of the month*)

What: Japanese Kendama Association Dan Skill Rankings conducted by Ryan Caro (certified Dan level 6). Stop by GUNNZO tomorrow from 1-3pm to attempt a series of tricks, and recieve an official ranking for your kendama skills! All skill levels are welcome to try! You can also feel free to stop by to practice and receive pointers!

See our below for more info about each ranking.

Where: GUNNZO San Diego
2445 Juan St. San Diego, CA 92110

Why: To practice and test your kendama skills, meet some awesome kendama players, improve your skills, and have a great time!

Who: All skill levels are welcome! Bring your friends and family!

*Subject to change

Hope to see you there!

*Please note that due to construction on Juan St. parking is somewhat limited, and you may have to park at the bottom of our hill in the Old Town general parking lot (on the corner of Harney and Juan) and walk up. Sorry for any inconvenience!

The table for Kyu level(basic level skill) category
 Reps  Reps  Reps
Level Trick(s) Grip
10 Big Cup x 1 Sara
9 Big Cup x 2 Small Cup x 1 Sara (All)
8 Big Cup x 3 Small Cup x 2 Base Cup x 1 Sara (All)
7 Small Cup x 3 Base Cup x 2 Candlestick x 1 Sara, Sara, Candlestick
6 Base Cup x 3 Candlestick x 2 Pull-up Spike x 1 Sara, Candlestick, Ken
5 Candlestick x 3 Pull-up Spike x 2 Airplane x 1 Candlestick, Ken, Tama
4 Pull-Up Spike x 3 Airplane x 2 Swing Spike x 1 Ken, Tama, Ken
3 Airplane x 3 Swing Spike x 2 Around Japan x 1 Tama, Ken, Ken
2 Swing Spike x 3 Around Japan x 2 Around the World x 1 Ken, Ken, Ken
1 Around Japan x 3 Around the World x 2 Lighthouse x 1 Ken, Ken, Tama
Trick Grip Repetitions Attempts
Pull-Up Spike Ken 5 10
Airplane Tama 5 10
Swing Spike Ken 5 10
Base Cup, Spike Ken 4 10
Around Japan Ken 4 10
Around the World Ken 3 10
Lighthouse Tama 2 10
Slip-on Stick Ken 1 10
Moshikame Sara 100 1


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