JKA Examination at the San Diego Central Library, May 25, 2016

Japanese Kendama Association (JKA) Examination day 1 was a blast! At a great venue and with even better company, many kendama players–beginners through advanced–were able to become officially ranked by the JKA, thanks to the oversight of JKA Official Hiromu Imada.


Above: Even beginners learned different tricks thanks to the lessons of Imada Sensei (Pictured below)

IMG_0642 IMG_0653

Above: Imada Sensei teaches the correct grip, wrist, and hand position

Below: Participants gather to learn the lessons taught, from each other.



Above: Imada Sensei gives a demonstration of all the tricks required to pass the various levels of examination

Below: GUNNZO’s own Azusa shows her skills by demonstrating the Moshi Kame trick.

IMG_0617  IMG_0607

Below: Imada Sensei preparing kendamas for the examinations


Hiromu Imada (Imada Sensei) is a legend in kendama, being recognized as Dan 8. This means that he has not only developed the skill of an advanced kendama player, but he has also demonstrated an intense involvement with kendama and kendama instruction.

Throughout the session, kendama players have learned the proper techniques of various tricks, enabling even new players to make difficult tricks easier to learn.

Special thanks to everybody who came out to participate, become ranked, and help out with organizing the event!

Keep on improving your dama skills!

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