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Sweets Kendama
Pro Model 2017
Willy Penniman


The 2017 Sweets Pro Models feature: - Cushion Cleared Fade/Split Tamas - New Maple Pro Kens - Custom Raised Ink Seal - Colored String + Metal Bearing Bead - Team Packaging with Custom Stickers + Player Card - Extra String and Bead

The Sweets Kendamas Pro Team is proud to introduce the 2017 Pro Models! The team designed the Pro Models with every piece of the kendama in mind to give you the ultimate playing experience.

The Tama Each Pro Model features a custom fade/split design to make tama tracking easier than ever. They are painted with the signature Cushion Clear so the tama plays as "broken in" right out of the box. The grippy matte finish softens impact and increases control on balance tricks.

The Ken the new maple Pro Ken, a spinoff of our classic F3 shape, is designed for a steady play from lunar balance to triple gunslingers. The team chose maple for its superior playability, increased durability, and crispy clicks and clacks. Each Pro Ken is branded with five stripes on the spike to signify the unity of the five Sweets pros and features a custom designed raised seal.

Extras These Pro Models are laced up with a custom colored string and a metal bearing bead for perfect string control. A percentage of profits from each Sweets Pro Model go directly to its pro player.

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