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KROM Summer Jam!!!



It’s SUMMER and it’s time for another awesome KENDAMA EVENT!

That’s right, KROM will be visiting all the way from Denmark. That means Kendama World Champ Thorkild May, and KROM Pro Matt Ballard will be joining us from 1-5 pm at GUNNZO SD.

Make sure to stop by to jam with two inspiring kendama players, or even compete for prizes in either the ladders competition or the 7 to Spike competition!

Entry fees are $5 for each competition

Check out this video for information on the tricks for each ladder!

We hope to see you all there!

JKA Examination at the San Diego Central Library, May 25, 2016

Japanese Kendama Association (JKA) Examination day 1 was a blast! At a great venue and with even better company, many kendama players–beginners through advanced–were able to become officially ranked by the JKA, thanks to the oversight of JKA Official Hiromu Imada.


Above: Even beginners learned different tricks thanks to the lessons of Imada Sensei (Pictured below)

IMG_0642 IMG_0653

Above: Imada Sensei teaches the correct grip, wrist, and hand position

Below: Participants gather to learn the lessons taught, from each other.



Above: Imada Sensei gives a demonstration of all the tricks required to pass the various levels of examination

Below: GUNNZO’s own Azusa shows her skills by demonstrating the Moshi Kame trick.

IMG_0617  IMG_0607

Below: Imada Sensei preparing kendamas for the examinations


Hiromu Imada (Imada Sensei) is a legend in kendama, being recognized as Dan 8. This means that he has not only developed the skill of an advanced kendama player, but he has also demonstrated an intense involvement with kendama and kendama instruction.

Throughout the session, kendama players have learned the proper techniques of various tricks, enabling even new players to make difficult tricks easier to learn.

Special thanks to everybody who came out to participate, become ranked, and help out with organizing the event!

Keep on improving your dama skills!

New Sweets Homegrowns!

Let’s face it. Sweets Homegrown (HG) kendamas are some of the most premium quality kendamas made today. The sound, the feel, the balance, the look, the durability and even the packaging are all amazing aspects of this great product. They have come to be acknowledged by the kendama community as the epitome of a natural kendama. Even the painted series is amazingly constructed.

Now, with that being said, I’d like to announce that we are now carrying the newest line of HG’s! This new line brings with it all of the qualities of its predecessors, but in amazingly new colorways. This line revealed that the Tequila sunrises were not just a rare run of a widely-popular spectra-ply style.

This line includes, but is not limited to:

Harvest Moon Spectra-ply complete, KWC maple, and the Fire Opal Maple.

This is a whole new run that you won’t want to miss out on.


– Ryan C.


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Sweets F3 New Gloss Coat Formula

Hey everybody!

Today I’ll be reviewing the new Sweets F3 gloss coat formula that is used on the new product line of F3s (excluding the aTack F3 series).

First off, I’d like to discuss my first impression of it. Right out of the new and sleek packaging, the Solid F3 kendama was incredible- it had the perfect tack:gloss ratio. If there are any OG Mugen fans out there, I would like to start by saying that I have jammed at least three OG mugens: a broken in black, a broken in yellow, and Bonz Atron’s 8.5/10 Wine Mugen. With that being said, I personally think that the F3 gloss coat is the closest match to the sought-out OG Mugen gloss coat. In some ways, it may be even better. For balance tricks, it has just the right amount of slip to be able to fix the positioning of the ken/tama in your hand, yet it will lock into position like a dream without having to have a super sticky finish.

After playing with it for about a month now, the paint has remained intact and has not chipped more than a couple of millimeters from the circumference of the tama hole. This tama can take a beating.

Now to address the question many of you will have at this point- how does the paint/gloss coat feel after being broken in? To which I would respond by saying that although it wasn’t exactly like how it played directly out of the box (which most would see as common sense), it retained a great tack:gloss ratio and I had no problems with it.

In conclusion, I would like to say that I was much more than pleasantly surprised with how this new coat turned out. I have owned over 60 kendamas and played much more than 100 and I would definitely have to say that for their price point, the F3 Solid gloss coated series of kendama blows any kendama in it’s class out of the water.

How to String your Yo-Yo

Hey everybody,

For those of you who do not know how to string a yoyo, this is for you!

So, to start you’ll need a yoyo and a string. Some strings have an end with a loop already tied like the one we will be using here:


So now that we have all that you need, lets start by identifying the two different ends:

One will have the finger loop, and the other will just look like a twisted segment of string:


Now, with the top end (pictured above), go ahead and untwist a bit of it so that you can wedge your finger in between the twisted strands like so:


Now take two more fingers to help separate the loop a little bit more while untwisting the string more:


Take the bigger loop that you have created and pass one half of the yoyo through it:


Then, when the string has fully been passed over that half, let your fingers out and pull the opposite end of the string a bit to keep the tension so that it looks like this:


As you can see, there is still a little bit of space between where the string forks and the surface of the bearing. Hold up the yoyo by the string and spin it horizontally in the direction that your string twists:


Now return it to a resting position on whatever surface you are using. It should now look like this:


Notice that the fork of the yoyo string is now almost in contact with the bearing itself.

You’re ready to start yo-yoing! (throwing)

Yo-Yo used: YoYoFactory Titanium Dream

String used: XL Kitty String

YoDama Session Recap!

The first YoDama session in San Diego was a success! Lots of kendama players, yoyo players, and kendama/yoyo players came out to have fun and win some prizes!

Some examples of mini games played are 7-to-spike and a quick competition ladders game.

We’re looking to branch out even more and grow our new YoDama community by spreading the word – so bring your friends to the next one!

If you are new to either kendama or yoyo, there are many people that attend the session that are willing to help you out either by sharing some tips on a trick that you may be working on, or even teaching you something completely new!

We’ll see you at the next YoDama session!

New World Yo-Yo Contest Champion!

Yes, there is such thing as the World Yo-Yo Contest.

For many of us, we thought the only thing you could do with a yoyo is “Rock the Baby” or “Walk the Dog.”

On the contrary, the modern yo-yo is designed to maximize spin (sleep) time in order to bust out massive, amazing, and intricate tricks.

The World Yo-Yo Contest (WYYC) for 2015 has just ended and there is a new World Champ- Zach Gormley.

Sponsored by a very prestigious company, Zach was able to take the title of World Champ with a prototype of his newest signature yoyo, or “throw” as yo-yo players refer to them nowadays, and a complete and well-rounded arsenal of tricks.

Below is a link to a quality review of the tournament, as well as an interview of Gormley himself. Check it out!

WYYC 2015 Champion

GUNNZO YoDama Session at Heritage Park!

Hey everybody!

For the most part, yo-yo players and kendama players have been two separate communities with very little collaboration and cooperation. We would like to start joining both of the communities together for mutual benefit. There are many things that yo-yo players and kendama players can learn from each other.

For those of you who were not able to attend our first YoDama session that was held at our location in LA a couple of months ago, we will be having our first of many kendama AND yoyo sessions.


At Heritage park in Old Town, San Diego across from our store


Saturday, August 22nd from 10am to 1pm


YOU! Bring your friends and family. Oh, and bring an open mind for those of you who haven’t seen kendama/yoyo like this before! Our community is very nice and approachable so don’t be afraid to ask people to teach you new tricks for either yoyo/kendama.

We hope to see you all there!